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PCOS and Low Self-Esteem Part II: Tips For Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Posted by Allie on 30th March 2017

Ways to boost your self-esteem and start challenging negative thoughts.
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In Part I of this two-part blog on self-esteem we explored how and why PCOS might impact a woman’s self-esteem. Here we explore some ways to help boost your self-esteem and start challenging the negative thoughts and beliefs you may hold about yourself. These tips are guided by a booklet devised by Mind, the mental health charity for England and Wales, called 'How to Build Your Self-Esteem', which you can access here for more information.

Do something you enjoy

Doing activities or taking up a hobby you like can help increase your confidence. It could be something you’ve wanted to try for a while or that you feel you’ve done well at before. If you’re not feeling confident about taking up a new hobby, try something that’s not too challenging so you can build on your skills gradually as your self-esteem grows.

Be productive

Doing something productive like paid work, volunteering or studying can actually provide many positive things, such as structure to your day and routine, a sense of purpose, and an opportunity to socialise with others.

Surrounding yourself with positive people

Try to build positive relationships with people who are supportive and caring. Rather than surrounding yourself with people who may encourage negative views you hold about yourself, try spending time with positive and supportive people who are likely to make you feel more confident.

Look after yourself

Exercise, sleep and good nutrition - they can all help you feel happier and healthier. Good nutrition and adequate exercise will also help you manage your PCOS symptoms. Learn more about the importance and benefits of nutrition and exercise in women with PCOS.

Challenge negative thinking

It can be useful to know where negative beliefs about yourself come from and how to challenge them. Mind has useful publications on self-esteem and information on how to challenge unhelpful thinking habits, which you can access here. You can also use positive affirmations to help challenge negative thinking and focus on positive things about yourself. It may also be useful to speak with a professional, such as a counsellor or psychologist, and you can discuss this with your GP or relevant medical/health professional.


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